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dear diary,
phew!!!! that was one long title....but really today was the worst day i had in like the entire month,and believe me i have some super worst days, today i had to get up at 5 30 in the morning 'cause i had an early lecture and i hate getting up early.....unlike normal people who just have grumpyness i get one of those horrible headaches...any way after i got up(due to lots of yelling from my mum and dad.....my dad hez a champion yeller....like those annoying alarm clocks, those who dont have snooze buttons) i went into the bathroom and voila!!! there was my little brown friend!!! (i absolutely hate cockroaches...almost as much as i hate snakes and green peas!!!) i screamed,my mum swears i screamed so loud that the entire building woke up,but i know shez exagerating!!! so i told my dad to kill it and he said no cause i should get over myself and my stupid fear(disgust as im always telling him but he wont listen)and kill him myself or take a shower while hez inside(the cockroach i mean).....after much discussion(yelling crying and begging)my mum finally convinced him to kill it.......this whole thing took about 20 minuts and i was late.... so i missed the bus,and had to ran after dozen rickshaws (whose drivers ignored me)then i finally caught a bus which was so full that i bearly had space to breath......i thought i was going to passout ....when i finally reached at class(tution)i was late....and i had forgetten my homework at home....and the sir wouldnt listen so i had to listen to his lecture on lying(he was claiming that i hadnt done my homework and was lying about it).....this was all going on while i had my spliting headache(i dont know how i survived today...its a maricle i tell you) then i had to listen and learn physics for four hours straight....and i swear my headache got worse.....four hours of thermodynamics...and something to which i wasnt paying attension .....after the class left they gave us notes extea books which weighted like 20 kgs .....im not kidding it was so heavy.....which i had to carry back home.....when i came back home i was so hungry (on account of the breakfast which i skipped due to being late) and i asked my mum what was there for lunch .... and you wont believe what she said.....green peas bhaji(a dish in which there are a lot of vegetables of different and same type) i couldent freaking believe it............
         could the day get any worse



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